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Beypore is a small village situated at the mouth of Chaliyar River, at a distance of 10 km to the south of the Kozhikode town. Previously, it was known as Sultan Pattanam' during the reign of Tipu Sultan and as Vaypura' by the locals. The Beypore Port has a historical significance as it was one of the ports where trading commenced between Asia and the Middle East and was considered an important maritime and trade centre. This village was also popular as a centre for shipbuilding, meeting the demands of the merchants from Western Asia and mainly constructed traditional ships like the Uru or Arabian trading vessel. The 1500 year old tradition of shipbuilding is still carried on by the locals. The main buyer of these ships are the Arabs and the ships are built as per the needs and specifications of the buyers. Tourists can enjoy the art of shipbuilding in this village by observing the manner in which the Uru takes shape with minimal sophistication in production. Discipline and work ethics are observed by the whole team that enable them to work as a team and execute the highly intricate woodwork to perfection with their alert minds and deft fingers.

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