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The Tali Temple is situated near Manachira and is considered one of the most ancient and distinct temples of Kozhikode. The history of this temple dates back to the period of the Zamorin rule. During that time, it was the venue of an annual competition of pedagogic skills called Revathi Pattathanam. It is basically a Shiva temple and attracts numerous visitors and pilgrimages. In the quadrangle shaped central shrine of Lord Shiva, a Shivaling is found that has a height of 2 ft. The temple is a rare example of Kerala style of architecture and is built of laterite and wood. The sanctum contains the image of the momentous event of the Mahabharata battle. Everyday, five different religious ceremonies are performed in the Tali Temple. The temple organizes a seven day festival that centres on the religious icons of the temple. The festival is celebrated during the period of Malayalam New Year.

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