Balapur Fort

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Balapur Fort is located in Balapur which is a few kilometres from the destination, situated at the junction of Mhais River and Man River. The construction of the fort was started by Azam Shah, the son of Emperor Aurangzeb, in 1721 and was completed in 1757 by Ismail Khan, the Nawab.Since Balapur was an important military station during the Mughal period, this fort was constructed keeping in mind about the military position and responsibility. The entire fort is built of bricks and has huge walls along with three gateways, one within the other. For launching missiles, 3 m thick innermost walls have ramparts at different angles.While exploring this fort, tourists can find three wells and one mosque. Travellers can also witness the famous Bala Devi Temple located on the southern side of the fort. At present, the fort is used by the government to run some of its offices.

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