Narnala Fort

Narnala Fort Travel Map

Narnala Fort, which is situated in Akola District of Maharashtra, is one of the famous attractions of the destination. Located on the Satpura hills in close vicinity of Shahnur, this fort is surrounded by dense forest. Travellers visiting the fort can also explore Jafarabad Fort in the north-east and Teliagarh Fort in the south-west. Narnala Fort comprises famous Shahnur or Mahakali gate, which was constructed in 1487 by Fateh-ullah Imad-ul-Mulk. This gateway is built of white sandstone and has Arabic inscription on it.The gateway also exhibits beautiful balconied windows that are situated on either side. The fort also showcases an ancient palace, a baradari, an armoury, a mosque and few other buildings that are in ruins.

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Shahanur, Maharashtra 444101, India

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