East Wing

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Though several courtyards to the main cave's east and west are blocked, the eastern part provides access to a 55 ft wide courtyard. A well preserved wall painting is situated in a temple on the southern part of the wall. Near the east end, a circular pedestal in the courtyard in front of the shrine of Shiva in the open area is considered to be the seat of mount of Shiva, Nandi.The steps leading to the temple-cave portico is flanked by a leogriff or winged tiger with a raised forepaw on both the sides. At each end of the portico, there are chambers and at the back, there is a Linga shrine. A threshold and five low steps lead into the central Linga-shrine that has a depth of about 16 ft and width of around 13 ft. There is also a circumambulatory path around it.Near the east end, a gigantic statue of a four-armed doorkeeper with two attendant demons is situated at the back of the portico. A standing figure holding a trident is placed at the northern end, whose left hand rests on a defaced demon-figure. The western wall depicts the eight Mother Goddesses called Ashta-Matrikas, who are flanked by the sons of Shiva, Ganesha and Kartikeya. While all of the Matrikas are depicted with their respective mounts, some of them are also depicted with children. Another chapel with sunken floor and plain interior is situated at the eastern end of the portico.

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