Main Cave Shrine

Main Cave Shrine Travel Map

The central shrine is a free-standing square cell that has entrances on each side and each door is flanked by two gate keepers or 'Dvarapalas.' The symbol of Lord Shiva, the Linga together with the symbol of Goddess Parvathi, the Yoni, symbolises the supreme unity within the shrine.The Linga is placed on a raised platform that is of a height of 6 ft and 6 steps lead to this level from the shrine's floor. Except for the Dvarapalas at the southern door to the shrine, all are in a damaged condition and their height ranges from 14 to 15 ft.The southern gate statues comprise many unusual features such as a large skull above the forehead, an unusual headgear and lips parted with protruding teeth. The statues are adorned with earrings, single bead necklace and thick wristlets. They also have a stooped right shoulder, shapeless legs, robe held at right thigh by left hand and globe held at naval level.

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