Lendi Baug

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Lendi Baug is a beautiful garden that is situated at Shirdi-Manmad State Highway. It is the place where Sai Baba used to go everyday in the morning and afternoon for watering the plants. The huge Neem tree inside the garden premises provided shade and rest to Sai Baba during his lifetime.Beside the tree, there is a marble 'Deepgraha', which was lighted by Baba in a small pit.In a glass box in this Deepgraha, deepak continues to burn from dusk to dawn even till today. Other attractions of Lendi Baug are a samadhi of Sai Baba's horse named Datta Mandir, and a well, which is known as 'Baba'sas 'Baba's Shivdi'.

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MH SH 10, Mauli Nagar, Shirdi, Maharashtra 423109, India

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