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Samadhi of Abdul Baba contains the mortal remains of Abdul Baba, who served Sai Baba. It is believed that he had come to Shirdi in l889 when he was a boy of around twenty years. Abdul Baba cleaned the Dwarkamai Mosque, swept the streets outside it, kept the lamps burning in Lendi Baug, washed Sai Baba's clothes and collected water. Caring for Abdul Baba as a father, Sai Baba took on every responsibility related to his welfare.In the mosque, Abdul Baba used to read the Quran, from which Sai Baba sometimes asked him to recite passages aloud. He maintained a notebook for putting down Sai Baba's teachings and comments. Abdul Baba came and occupied a room on the first floor of Samadhi Mandir, after Sai Baba's Mahasamadhi. Till his demise, he continued to serve Sai Baba by maintaining the tomb and keeping it decorated with flowers.

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