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Located some 25 km from Dungarpur, the Dev Somnath Temple is the only temple in the whole world that is made of only stone, without any kind of packing material like sand, lime etc. It is located on the banks of the Som River in the Dev Village. Built in the 12th century A.D. by the Sompuras, this three-storey structure is standing on 150 pillars with each pillar displaying the Takshan style. The pillars are made of stone and have several unclear writings on it.The temple can be entered from north, south and east. Some of the attractions include idols of dancers, arches as well as the entrances themselves. The main temple has a dark black stone Shiva Linga located at the center of a base made of white stone. This Shiva Linga is an exact copy of the one in the Somnath Temple located in Gujarat.

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