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The village of Galiakot is located on the banks of Mahi River, nearly 58 km towards the south-east of Dungarpur. The village has got its name from a Bhil Chieftain who used to rule this area. It also used to be the capital of the Parmars and also the Dungarpur State.The village is very popular for the shrine of Syed Fakhruddin and is visited by devotees of the Dawoodi Bohara sect every year during the time of the annualUrs, held on the 27th day of Muhharram. The shrine of Syed Fakhruddin is made of white marble with his teachings engraved on the walls. The dome is beautifully decorated with intricate designs that stand out as great architecture.Besides this, there are other places of interest in Galiakot like Modhpur that has the Vijia Matas Temple; Vasundhara, with the Vasundhara Devi Temple; and Sagwara, with Yati-ji-Chatri and Poonjpur. Galiakot also has a Sheetla Mata temple that has immense religious importance.

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