Ranakpur Jain Temples

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The Ranakpur Jain Temples are situated at a distance of 50 km from Kumbhalgarh. Tourists need to avail the route through Saira and Vanpura to reach this temple.Rana Kumbha began the construction of these temples in 1438. Besides being a tranquil meditation centre, it became a sculpture museum to which statues and shrines were added by the wealthy Jain ministers and merchants.The Chaumukha Temple is devoted to Tirthankara Adinath and is inclusive of 1444 distinctly carved pillars and 29 halls. There are two temples that are devoted to the Jain saints, Neminath and Parasnath and have carvings similar to that of Khajuraho.The Sun Temple is situated nearby that dates back to around the 6th century. Its polygonal walls are decorated with carvings of horses, warriors and chariots driven by booted solar deities.

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