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Sharneshwar Ji Temple is located on the western slope of the Siranwa Hill and is devoted to Lord Shiva, who is theKuldev of the Deora Clan of Chauhans, of Sirohi. Due to its resemblance to the temples built by the Parmar rulers, this temple is assumed to have been established under the reign of the Parmar Dynasty. In 1526, an idol of Lord Hanuman was installed by the queen of Maharao Lakha, V. S. Apurva Devi, just outside the main entrance of this temple. Various other idols and 108 Shiva Lingas are situated within the premises of this religious site.Three huge statues of elephants, built with lime and bricks, are situated at the entrance of this temple. Another attraction is the Mandakini Kund in the front of the main temple. Various devotees take bath in this kund on kartik purnima, chetra purnima, vaisakh purnima and other holy days. Devuthani Akadesi is another important festival celebrated in the Bhadrapadh month, every year.

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