Humayun's Mosque

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Humayun's Mosque is situated in the village of Kachhpura on the left bank of River Yamuna. As per Persian inscriptions of the monument, this mosque dates back to 1530. The mosque was constructed when Humayun ascended the throne of the Mughal Empire.Presently, the mosque is not in such a good shape and only the sanctuary has survived. Designed as per the Mughal architectural style, the mosque has a facade with five arches and a high iwan.Atop the central nave lies the dome and the entire structure rests on kite-shaped pendentives and net squinches. On either side of the central nave lie the double-aisled wings. The entire monument was once adorned with glazed tiles.

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Nagla Devjit, Kachhpura, Uttar Pradesh 282006, India

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