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Kamadgiri, a forested mountain, is of prime religious importance in Chitrakoot District. As per legends, Lord Brahma performed havan here, with 108 fire pits, before creating the universe. The mountains in this region have several caves. The entire, bow-shaped, mountain of Kamadgiri is believed to be hollow, with a vast lake present inside it.Around this underground lake, tourists can see several sages performing meditation. It is believed that Rishi Bhardwaj advised Lord Rama to spend most of his time during the exile at this beautiful place. Furthermore, tourists walk barefoot around this mountain, with a firm belief that their wishes will be fulfilled on doing this.The hollow mountain is said to have four doors. The Pramukh Dwar or the main entrance is now a shrine and the other three comprise large gates. The rain water that accumulates, flow out in the form of 360 springs at the same time.

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Kamta Mohalla, Sitapur, Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh 485334, India

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