Ram Ghat

Ram Ghat Travel Map

Ram Ghat is a long stretch of steps made on the bank of Mandakini River. Tourists can see many holy men, dressed in saffron cloth, meditating. People believe that the sacred Sarayu River surfaces from its underground source here and then again vanish.It is believed that during exile, Lord Rama, Laxman and Sita took shelter here and appeared before poet Tulsidas. Tulsi Chabutra, a platform in the Ram Ghat, is believed to be a place where Tulsidas wrote the Ram Charit Manas.Early in the morning tourists can see devotees standing waist deep in the flowing river to offer prayers. Tourists can attend the evening aarti, with sound of bells and chants echoing.

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Kashavgarh, Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh 485334, India

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