Nau Gaza Peer

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The town of Saharanpur has several 'peers' out of which, Nau Gaza Peer is unique. This mazaar is 26 ft long, but the feature that makes it different is that, every time it is measured, it measures a different size. There are two mazaars of Nau Gaza, existing in the towns of Gagalheri and Baliakheri. This place also conducts an annual fair, which is graced by large number of Hindu and Muslim devotees.The stories associated with these mazaars have different facts, one of which states that these Mazaars were built during the time when humans used to measure 26 ft. Another story states that these mazaars have been named after the saints of ancient times, that had the power of reading minds of people in 9 yard radius.

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NH 73, Sadak Dudhli, Uttar Pradesh 247122, India

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