Shri Baba Lal Das

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Shri Baba Lal Das is another religious sightseeing destination of Saharanpur, which has been built in honour of Baba Shri Lal Das. Baba Shri Lal Das performed his 'tapasya' here, in ancient times, as a result of which, the Mughal ruler Dara Shikoh, had to bow in front of Indian culture. The Baba was born in the Kaloor Town and the renowned saint, Shri Chetan Swami, is said to have been his guru.After attaining education from his guru, the Baba came to Saharanpur to perform tapasya for many years. The place where he meditated, is situated along the Chilkana Road, 4 km north of Saharanpur bus station and is known as 'Lalvadi'.

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Brij Vihar Colony, Dara Kottala, Uttar Pradesh 247001, India

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