Harishchandra Ghat

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Harishchandra Ghat is one of the two prominent ghats having cremation grounds with burning facilities. The name of the ghat is derived from the king Harishchandra, who spent his life as a keeper of a crematorium. It is believed that for his servings at the ground with devotion and strictly abiding the truth path, Gods rewarded him by restoring his lost throne and his dead son.Mentioned in various epics, the ghat was reconstructed by a Narayana Diksit, a Hindu saint, in 1740. Natives believe that burying the body at this place leads to achieving salvation. Housing the beautiful idols of Harisdchandra, Vriddha Kedara and Adi Manikanteshwra, a beautiful temple stands on the side of ghat. In the recent years, an electric crematorium is introduced on the ghat.

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