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Sree Rama Swami Temple is located in Thiruvangad, which lies at a distance of around 4 km from Thalassery. It is believed that a dip in chira, the temple tank, washes away all sins. According to the Kerala Mahatmyam, the shrine was constructed by Lord Parasurama, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. A story associated with the temple states that Lord Rama killed Khara, Thrisiras and Dooshana, along with fourteen thousand other demons at this site. Another popular belief is that Goddess Sita Devi hid herself in the nearby cave, which was guarded by Lakshmana. The site was later named as Pookinassery. It is constructed in the typical Hindu architectural style and the walls and ceilings are adorned with sculptures engraved in wood. The twenty beautifully carved structures on the ceilings of the sanctum represent episodes from Kirathararjuneeyam, the story of Arjuna's meeting with Lord Shiva. The shrine has a Namaskara Mandapam and a wooden canopy over the ceiling that has 44 images of the Devi in different forms. The topmost panel of the temple depicts heads of elephants and scenes from the Ramayana.

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Thalassery - Manjodi Bridge, Thalassery- Kodiyeri Rd, Thiruvangad, Illathaazha, Thalassery, Kerala 670103, India

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