Bhavani Mandap

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Bhavani Mandap, also known as the glory of the city, is one of the biggest and the oldest structures situated in Kolhapur. It was built during the period 1785 to 1800 by Shivaji Maharaj II, the ruler of Kolhapur. Earlier, Bhavani Mandap had 14 squares however, in 1813 after the invasion of the Muslim ruler Saadat Khan, 7 squares were destroyed. Travellers visiting Bhavani Mandap can also explore a famous temple of Goddess Bhavani, which is situated in its centre. Furthermore, the site attracts tourists for its beautiful entrance hall and various embellishments like Zumbur, a cluster of lights. The entrance hall has an idol of Shahu Maharaj, which is the main attraction of the mandap.

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C Ward, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416002

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