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Mahalaxmi Temple, one of the sightseeing attractions of Kolhapur, is a huge shrine dedicated to Mahalaxmi, the goddess of prosperity. This temple was built in the 7th century by King Karandev of the Chalukya Dynasty. Housing a main hall and five towers, the temple displays Hemadpanthi sculpture architectural form.The walls, interiors and exteriors of the ancient shrine are beautifully adorned with carvings and sculptures that exhibit the skills and workmanship of that era. The temple enshrines the statue of Goddess Mahalaxmi, also known as Goddess Ambabai. The statue is built as a monolithic structure adorned with various diamonds and stones.In addition to this, the temple also displays a unique phenomenon, with sunlight falling on the face of the idol on 21st March and 21st September of every year. The temple is thronged by devotees during Navratri and Kiranotsav festivals. Later is celebrated for three days starting from 31st January every year.

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