Binkhambi Ganesh Mandir

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Binkhambi Ganesh Mandir was constructed in 1882 and is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It is believed that the idol of Lord Ganesha enshrined in the temple was discovered while repairing a well. Further, it is also believed that the idol was much older than the time of its actual establishment in the temple. Popular as Joshirao Ganapati Temple among locals, it is thronged by numerous archaeological students for studying its structure.One of the important features of the temple is that its sanctum has been built without the use of any pillar. The exterior of the temple is adorned with stone carved tortoise along with many other carved structures. It is believed that as the original idol was very small in size, a 90 cm tall idol was consecrated in temple for performing the religious activities. Besides students, the temple is also thronged by numerous devotees and tourists, especially during the festive celebrations of Ganesha Chaturthi.

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Sawarkar Marg, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416002, India

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