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Mankeshwar is a village located in Bhoom Tehsil, in the district of Osmanabad. The place is famous for Hemadpanthi Shiva temple and Goddess Satwai Devi temple. Shiv temple comes under the category of temples known as Hemandpanti Mandirs. The temple of Shiv is made using black rock; there is a Shiva Lingam situated in the basement and the stairs that go do to the Lingam.The river is flown around the temple, which makes a curve around it. This temple was destroyed during the expedition Aurangzeb army and the statues and art on walls of this temple are in damaged condition. It is said that, there were 7 temples around the central temple and all are destroyed.The temple of Goddess Satwai Devi is located near the Shiv mandir. The locals of this village follow a ritual called Jawal, in which a baby boy of age around 2-3 years is brought here. The hair of baby is cut and the sacrifice of a male goat is made in front of Satwai Devi.

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