Naldurg Fort

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Naldurg Fort is a major tourist place of Marathawada region of Osmanabad city. The fort is believed to be built by Nalaraja (The King Nala). The fort reflects the Indo - Islamic architecture style. The name of the fort is given after the King Nalaraja. The fort was built in the period of the Chalukya kings of Kalyani, but the massive fortification wall of this fort was built during the rule of Bahamani kings (1351 to 1480) and Adil Shahi (1558). In 1631, Pani Mahal was constructed by Ibrahim Adilshah II; he also contributed in building the weir on the River Bori.The main entrance gate of this fort is known by the name of Hulmukh Darwaza, The wall of this fort has 115 bastions, the name of the chief bastions are Paranda, Upli, Sangram and Nav Buruj. Cannons are placed on these bastions till date. The cannons are made in figures of elephants and crocodiles, thus they are called Hathi Thop and Magar Thop. The highest place in the fort is Upli Burug. Some of the old structures of this fort are still standing in good condition.

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SH154, Naldurg, Maharashtra 413602, India

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