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Paranda fort is located in Paranda tehsil at a distance of 80 km from Osmanabad District's headquarters. The fort was erected by Bahamani kings, who had contribution of building many forts.The fort represents an example of military architecture and engineering. The fort is fortified and made impregnable by construction of traversals and redoubts and the ramparts to defend the gate. The fort is surrounded with moat, which was always kept filled with water. There is only one passage that reaches to the fort.The fort has 26 bastions, of which the prominent ones are Buruj Mahakal, Mahakal Buruj, Chanchal Buruj, Buland Buruj, Shah Mathkal, and Nassa Yeed- KA3/4 Buruj. Some of the bastions have old guns, of which the most significant ones are Malike Maiden and Azda Paikar. Besides, the fort has mosque, Narsimha Mandir, and a wall named ramtirth, Baradari, Taikhana, Zanana Makan, etc.

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Paranda, Maharashtra 413502, India

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