Hanumangarh city is District in an Indian state of Rajasthan situated on the bank of the river Ghaggar identified as Ancient Sarasvati river. In ancient Hanumangarh was also called Bhatner, founded by king Bhupat in 255 AD. It remained in the control of the Rajputs of Bhati clan and later occupied by Maharaja Soorat Singh of Bikaner. The historical Place, Fort, Archaeological site, Temples, Gurudwara which attracts a large number of national and International each year. The monuments of Hanumangarh are Archaeological site Kalibanga a historical place, Gogameri Temple, Brahmaani Mata Temple, Bhadarkali Mata Temple, Shri Sukha SIngh Mehtab Singh Gurudwara, the oldest fort of India Bhatner and Shri Gorakh Nath ji Temple.

Hanumangarh Travel Map
Places To Visit In Hanumangarh
Kalibangan Archaeological Museum
Bhatner Fort
Sila Mata - Sila Peer Temple
Brahmani Mata Temple
Temple Of Mata Bhadrakaliji
Kalibangan Archaeological Site
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