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Another interesting site is the Kalibangan Archaeological Site This site is a part of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation that is some 5000 years old. It has not only the relics of the Harappan settlements from the 2500 BC1750 BC, but also the Pre-Harappan settlements from the 3500 BC2500 BC.The excavation of this site proves that a well - established life style existed before the Harappan civilisation in India. It was also discovered that for the ceramic industry, Rajasthan was a significant centre. The pottery of this place has similar designs with those of the Harappan civilisation.The excavations at Kalibangan revealed Harappan seals, human skeletons, unknown scripts, stamps, copper bangles, beads, coins, toys, terracotta and shells, wheels, jewellery, utensils, toy carts, markets, remnants of wells, bathrooms, graves, a fort and streets.This was also the site of discovering the most primitive ploughed field that dated back to 2800 BC. In 2600 BC, the first archaeologically recorded earthquake took place at this site, which marked the end of the Pre-.Harappan Civilisation.

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Kalibangan, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan 335801, India

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