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Located at a distance of seven kilometres from the city of Hanumangarh, the temple of Mata Bhadrakaliji stands on the banks of River Ghaggar that is close to Amarpura Thedi Village. The presiding deity of this temple is Mata Bhadrakali, which is one of the many avatars of Goddess Durga. The temple belongs to the Shakti Sect of Hinduism.History states that the 6th ruler of Bikaner, Maharaja Ram Singh, constructed this temple to fulfill the desire of Akbar, the Mughal Emperor. Later on, Maharaja Dhri Ganga Singhji, the King of Bikaner, reconstructed this temple.The temple is constructed of bricks, mortar and lime. It has a loft round shaped dome along with a verandah, a kitchen, a Sanctum Sanctorum and a hall for prayers. The main idol of this temple is built with red stone that is 2.6 feet high and covered in ornaments. The temple is open every day. However, it gets crowded on the 8th and 9th day in the month of Chaitra due to the mela that is celebrated here during that time.

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Puran Nagar, Hanumangarh Town, Rajasthan 335513, India

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