10 ways how travelling shapes your personality

It is always said that jobs just fill our pocket with money but traveling and adventure fill our spirit. It rejuvenates us and offers us an era of renaissance. Know more about the ways in which traveling shapes your personality.

In the words of Hellen Keller “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

Ever wondered why Dora, the explorer was beloved of all of us during our infancy. The youngest backpacker, Dora is well known for her adventures. But travel isn’t always a piece of cake, it is sometimes hard and tough. But that’s perfectly fine because this entire journey would enrich and change you and for sure that change will be for your best. At the end of the journey, you would be fuller, happier and more experienced than before. You may think that travel is expensive as you tend to spend a lot of money. It might be time-consuming as a lot of planning is needed and would be stressful as you may have to pack your bags and travel night journey through the bus, train or air but trust me travel offers you something far more what money can buy.

It is always said that jobs just fill our pocket with money but traveling and adventure fill our spirit. It rejuvenates us and offers us an era of renaissance. So, from this day onwards let us travel an extra mile to be sportier and adventurous. There are innumerable ways in which travel can benefit you. Let us together explore how travel makes us a better version of ourselves.


1. Travel helps to empower oneself: By traveling tough roads, you learn to combat and conquer your fears and thereby you become stronger and better version of yourselves. Imagine how you would feel going on a night trek in the Himalayas or spending a day in the Thar Desert? Tough isn’t it? But the feel after conquering this journey would be unparalleled. You would feel as if you have rattled your cage and pushed yourself beyond the boundaries of fear. It acts as a catalyst in boosting your confidence and a result you become more flexible and adaptive.

2. Learn efficient money management: Travel draws a real learning curve. It teaches you the art to manage the budget. You learn to spend on experiences that cost less but are worth more. You become adaptive to having tea in kullad during a road trip and spending more on experiences than materialistic offerings.


3. Travel makes you better planner and decision maker: Travelling demands planning but many a time during your travel things do not turn out to be the way they have been planned and instant decisions become the need of the hour. And at that time, you are bound to make decisions which are apt for yourself and your squad. And eventually, you turn out to be an efficient game changer.

4. Travel teaches you to be patient: Travelling pushes you to go beyond your comfort zone and thus prepares you like a firm anchor. Waiting for food at a restaurant or waiting in a queue for baggage check seems trivial thereafter.


5. It broadens your perspective and view towards thing: You start thinking out of the box and think of solutions for runtime problems in an effective manner. You feel blessed for holding a hot cup of tea and watching peacock spread its beautiful wings during sunrise. You start appreciating things which are beyond materialistic or luxurious aspect.

6. You become humbler and more humane: You start accepting the differences happily and begin to appreciate togetherness. You become more open towards people and their thoughts and in this way, you appreciate even trivial things and unveil bundle of joy in natural things. The best part about traveling is exploration. You learn about new culture and places and start respecting them and thereby you add to your brand value.


7. You value and appreciate time: As you are on vacay mode, you try to make the best use of the time you have in hand. You learn how to effectively utilize this luxury as you cannot afford to lose it. You start living each moment to the fullest and leave no stone unturned to unplug and explore your new self.

8. It makes you more interesting: Travel makes you lot more fascinating as you have wonderful stories to share. It increases your charismatic quotient by many folds. You learn different languages, cultures, religions and there is so much to take away from you. During travel is we constantly communicate with strangers and this way you learn the beautiful art of effective interaction.


9. Travel enhances your creative quotient: You start loving your own company. There is so much to grab from traveling. You tend to improve your photography skills and interpersonal habits. We tend to experiment a little more and thereby imbibe great learning throughout our journey.

10. Travel makes you independent: The confidence obtained by traveling solo is immense and eventually you fall in love with the freedom it offers. You get better with directions and turn out to be more self-disciplined.


The best part of traveling is that each journey unleashes a story. There is never a good travel or bad travel, comfortable journey or an uncomfortable one. Each travel is an adventure that pushes an element of experience in your stack. Once a traveler is indeed always a traveler as Travel is one such life-changing opportunity that turns into an amazing and beautiful learning experience.
J.R.R. Tolkien said, 'Not all those who wander, and travel is lost.' Rather those who wander, and travel earn so many happening and life-changing experience. Travel is the sole thing that we buy but rather than emptying us it makes us fuller and richer. So, go ahead and get richer. This vacation just takes a break from all things and go get yourself a perfect ‘me time’ with travel.

Put on your comfy pajamas, pair them with trendy sneakers, pack your bag-pack and leave for you wonderland and relish the unforgettable experience.

Happy Travel, Happy Holidays.





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